Whether you are looking for the perfect energy job (including upstream, midstream,  downstream or oilfield services) or the perfect employee,   If you are an attorney, we also can help you find the perfect in-house job.  Rig Hands Solutions has the resources and expertise to make the proper introductions.  We recruit all facets for the energy industry, including oil and gas, alternative energy and green energy.

We not only focus on exploration and production companies, we also assist with the placement of midstream and downstream opportunities.  Mr. Wagers has extensive experience in all aspects of the oil & gas industry and has been inside and outside counsel for numerous energy companies.  Mr. Wagers will use this experience and connects to help place you at the ideal position and company.  Mr. Sapia has extensive experience in finance and accounting.  Mr. Sapia can help with the placement of accountants and financial advisers in the oil and gas industry.  Together, we have the connections and expertise to help you with any of your hiring needs.

Please reach out to us with any questions, needs, resumes or company requirements.

Candidates can submit their résumés and any questions to resumes@righandssolutions.com.

Companies can contact us by emailing info@righandssolutions.com or by calling 832-559-0204.